Welcome to the GE Elfun Membership Page

If you know which chapter you'd like to join, and you have your SSO ID and password, you're ready to join Elfun! 

After you join….

As a GE Elfun member, you'll have full access to the Elfun website.  The website contains useful information such as:
- upcoming Elfun events
- news stories and updates on Elfun activities in your area and across the globe
- group travel opportunities
- an online directory to help you stay connected with past and present co-workers
- special discounts for Elfun members

When you join Elfun, you'll need to select a local chapter.  If you're an active employee, choose the chapter in the area where you work.  If you're a retiree, you may want to select the chapter closest to where you used to work, or you may want to choose the chapter closest to where you currently live.  No matter which chapter you choose, you'll still have access to all of the chapter pages on Elfun.org.  For a list of all chapters, click here

Like many websites, access to Elfun.org requires a user ID and password.  Elfun.org uses the GE Single Sign On (SSO) ID and password. When you access secure areas on the website, you'll see a GE SSO login page.  You'll be prompted to enter your User ID (also known as your Single Sign On ID) and your password.

What's an SSO ID?
Your SSO ID is a common ID and password used for many different GE web sites including
http://benefits.ge.com.  All GE employees and retirees have a Single Sign On account.  Note: This is NOT your Social Security Number!!  If you don't know your SSO ID, or have never used it before, go to http://benefits.ge.com , click the "Sign Up Now" link, and follow the prompts on the screen. 

-Please be sure to update your e-mail address so can receive important news and information from
GE Elfun
- Bookmark www.elfun.org in your browser and check back frequently!

Welcome to GE Elfun!